Specialized Products

These advanced and specialised products and services combine our innovative technology with our expertise to deliver a fully integrated, unrivalled and complete security solution for our clients.

Tactical Drone Deployments

The supply of a range of specialized drones and required drone attachments. The set up of a live streamed footage on a device.

Tactical Drone deployment training

When a client accepts SV into their operations it then  opens the first phase of integration whereby the drone team, the quick reaction teams and the ops rooms, learn how to work as one, utilizing early warning systems, streaming technology and various platforms that provide situational awareness capabilities, all provided by SV and pecialized drone flight and skills pilot training

Drone and box system technology

When the solution and application calls for a static drone box solution, SV will provide a drone box that allows for off site piloting of drones that react to early warning systems all implemented from a control room anywhere in the world.

LoRaWAN System

Device monitors various classes of early warning systems such as motion, vibration, moisture content, temperature detection and open and close systems.

Specialized Camera Technology

All camera systems that are available all work as early warning systems for drone and QR Teams to respond to

Biometric Camera detection systems

Cameras are a plenty, but there are few systems that can operate without the need for main power supplied by solar panels or power lines. SV has the Reconeyez camera systems that are battery operated and have a wi-fi mesh systems with 8 cameras to a bridge/router.

Tracking and location of special interests

Various systems are available for tracking of vehicles/containers/packages or even humans. These systems are either Lora Wan, 4G or satellite capabilities

Mobile and Device Detection

Phone detection systems are available that will detect a phone along a perimeter or in a set out radius. These systems do not cross the Popi act.

Distributed Acoustic Systems

These systems can track and identify traffic on cell phones. There are legal ways of covering all traffic and sensoring computers and cell phone communications that are distributed by companies to employers and further information can be asked for …..